With the approach of the hot season, we must already start thinking about landscaping of our grounds. Indeed, it is imperative to develop a landscaping plan to ensure the smooth operation of the project. Hence the importance of listing our needs (materials, equipment, etc.) and our limits (budget, space, etc.).

Trends change from year to year and we are trying to follow the wave; Several sites can help us get an idea of the oasis that we want to recreate here! Here is a list of 2016 trends, according to the “pratico-pratique” website:

Contemporary Style

A refined decor with linear designs embellished with vegetables.
Mix of exotic wood and concrete “maxi” slabs

The Zen Asian appearance decor is very trendy this year opting for a mix of wood and concrete.
Integrated Spas

To maximize the use of spas, it integrates the terraces keeping the linear mind.
Comfortable furniture

In recent years, the outdoor furniture is almost more comfortable and more design than inside the house. This year it continues!
Simplistic plants

The trend is towards simplicity, uniformity of plant: color and similar species.

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This work often requires the transportation of a large amount of materials and even, sometimes, specialized machinery. If you need expert advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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